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Mission Statement

Acting in the Spirit of Christ, Catholic AIDS Action challenges the AIDS pandemic in Namibia with the Courage to Fight and the Strength to Care for the benefit of all. In pursing justice and empowerment, and through holistic spirituality, CAA builds on Roman Catholic institutions and affiliated groups, other denominations, organizations and local communities to inspire and support programs of HIV/AIDS prevention and care and support to adults and children affected by and infected with HIV and AIDS.

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Special Projects

Male Engagement

During the period under review, a total of 419 men in 19 workshops completed these workshops.

Food Security

During this this period (1 October 2008 to 30 September 2009) , training workshops in economic empowerment for CAA regional staff have been conducted. The objective of the trainings have been to to build capacity through technical support to staff to enable the smooth transfer of acquired knowledge and skills to targeted volunteers.

During the year (1 October 2008 to 30 September 2009), the implementation of the economic empowerment (IGA) and food and nutrition security has been successful.

Public-Private Partnerships

Catholic AIDS Action is developing local Namibian public/private partnerships to support CAA with the following three projects: Oshikandela distribution, youth micro-enterprise development, and financial capacity building.

With Namdairies and Standard Bank and Namdeb, CAA is now providing packets of Oshikandela (a local yogurt-like beverage) to 400 children at CAA sponsored soup kitchens in Rehoboth, Katutura (200 at each site, five days per week) and at Katima Mulilo (400 children, five days per week).

In cooperation between Namibian Beverages and CAA beneficiaries, a micro-enterprise pilot will be established. This will involve highly motivated at-risk, older youth as cool drink (non-alcoholic) beverage vendors. Approximately 50 youth will receive basic training and a small amount of initial capital.

Bicycling Empowerment Network - Namibia

CAA has been collaborating with BEN Namibia since 2007 to increase mobility of community service providers and income generating activities in the communities.

Since receiving 310 new bicycles from BEN through our Okatana office in 2007, BEN Namibia has continued to support us by setting up IGA's with CAA volunteers at various CAA sites in the country.

These IGA's known as Bicycle Economic Centers (BEC) are now at the following sites through out the country: Okalongo, Nyangana, Gobabis, Singalamwe, Mile 10 in Kavango and Rehoboth.


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